Live Longer and Happier With a Detox Lifestyle

Live Longer and Happier With a Detox Lifestyle Body detoxification and intestinal cleansing have become essential ingredients of a lifestyle that promotes a healthy body, proper weight management and disease prevention. Our modern-day life and the mounting cost of health care necessitates that more than ever.  Most of us are exposed to hundreds of chemical […]

Tips For a Frugal Lifestyle

Tips For a Frugal Lifestyle Living a frugal lifestyle is not something that needs to be unpleasant. Unfortunately, with the recent concerns about the economy and with people worriedly tightening their belts across the board, living frugally has gotten something of a bad name. The truth of the matter is that living frugally, or living […]

Lifestyle Property Investments

Lifestyle Property Investments Interest in the Turkish real estate market continues to soar, with the first half of the year seeing continued demand from buyers keen on the extensive range of benefits the market offers. The main demand from clients has been seen to be for new and off-plan properties in the coastal regions such […]