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Fashionable Person Frida

Fashionable Person Frida Talking about the love of fashion Frida sure to say: "It was the enthusiasm of childhood there, of course, I see my father and how he embraced thebrush design, I have been infected, but nobody is like me so addicted”……”>>Read More<<

Fashionable Fergie

Fashionable Fergie The incredibly popular singer known as Fergie (a nickname based on her real last name of Ferguson) is always in the spotlight for her looks and her fashion sense. While she came into the public eye during her time doing ”……”>>Read More<<

Fashionable Career Gear

Fashionable Career Gear Getting ready for the work week does not mean leaving all fashion sense in the closet.  Fashion is booming, even in the career world.  From stilettos to briefcases, the world of work has adapted to amazing fashion. ”……”>>Read More<<

Fashionable Beachwear

Fashionable Beachwear There are lots of situations where you would prefer to look your best and the beach is definitely going to be on a lot of people's lists as we get into the Summer season. So, in the few weeks or maybe even months befo”……”>>Read More<<

Be Fashionable With Fashion Sunglasses

Be Fashionable With Fashion Sunglasses Sunglasses have no more been limited to the protection purpose; they are now forming a new fashion statement. Fashion sunglasses are the most famous these days with different styles and colors showing”……”>>Read More<<