Scandinavian Menswear Fashion

Scandinavian Menswear Fashion
The Scandinavian region is on the northern fringes of Europe with progressive countries like Sweden, Denmark and Norway. The contemporary thinkers, Finland and Iceland are also usually included. This particular region has been known for futuristic and straight designs of furniture that has been easily translated into the land of fashion and street wear. The young designers coming p recently are from vibrant cities as Copenhagen and Stockholm.

Moving ahead in designer mens fashion is the fashion house Norse Projects. Established in 2004, the house has secured its place among the top fashion stores and was greeted in London recently with great warmth. With the focus on urban chic, the store has many new as well as the classic brands giving a overall classic style and look.

Acne from Sweden is another sought after brand in designer mens fashion that is successfully leading the way in must have jeans and has also extended the range into laid back tailoring that has become a specialty. This path is also being adopted by Ralph Lauren with the classic sack suit with relaxed style. Though this style may not be apt for all physique types, classic suits with darted trousers still captivate the essence of fashion.

Cheap Monday of Sweden that started off as a weekend store is the front runner in the affordable denim segment. For any fashion conscious individual the array of skinny jeans is a must have.

Danish fashion house Won Hundred established by the fashion expert Nikolaj Neilsen also started with expertise in denim. With the right mix of classic and traditional, their wide array of ready to wear like any other Scandinavian fashion is easy to achieve and always leading the trend. Acne, Won Hundred along with Our Legacy like the checkered shirt for designer mens fashion. These shirts can easily be paired with casual denim or straight cut suit for the right colourful effect. Coupled with accessories such as the scarves and satchel, these shirts effortlessly present the college look that is the trend this winter and autumn.

As is obvious from the area that extends to Arctic Circle, the nautical themes are high on schedule. Uniforms for the dedicated from Sweden playfully combines the horizontal stripped Ts with plaid shirts and chunky knits for that particular look of fishermen. With advent of cooler months more of military jackets will be visible in the designer mens fashion circuit. Couple it with right accessory or the right look this season.

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