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Enjoy the Life

Enjoy the Life Every week day I try to go for a walk. This walk allows me to get grounded to a certain degree, and allow me to take on the day - at the best I can be.   Whether you live in a city that seems a hard place or in the lush ”……”>>Read More<<

Customers For Life

Customers For Life Let's be honest... everybody knows that people are in business to make money.  Yeah, customer's know you've got our eyes set on making a profit,but they still want to believe that you are in business for more than just t”……”>>Read More<<

Life After the Breakup

Life After the Breakup Breakups can be the most heart-wrenching experience of ones life, and many times one becomes completely obsessed with winning their ex back. Youmiss the persons touch, smell, and kiss that has became an everyday part”……”>>Read More<<

Life is a Labyrinth

Life is a Labyrinth "Labyrinths have existed in virtually every period in history and most cultural communities for 3500 years. A labyrinth is an ancient symbol of wholeness. Also, a sacred tool viewed as a metaphor for life's journey.   T”……”>>Read More<<

Listen to Your Life

Listen to Your Life Afraid that if you get off the treadmill that your ministry will suffer? Actually, slowing down to lead a quality life can actually enhance your productivity. One recent study found that church planters who set aside ad”……”>>Read More<<

Karate Chop Life

Karate Chop Life Karate is a martial art that has existed for thousands of years. It originated in China and is based of the fighting system of Gongfu. Karate is now widely practiced throughout the world and has undergone many changes thro”……”>>Read More<<

Healthy Breakfast For A Healthy Lifestyle

Healthy Breakfast For A Healthy Lifestyle One of the most important things that will help you live a healthy life is having a balanced diet. A healthy diet will help the body on the inside and will show on the outside. As children, our eat”……”>>Read More<<

Live Longer and Happier With a Detox Lifestyle

Live Longer and Happier With a Detox Lifestyle Body detoxification and intestinal cleansing have become essential ingredients of a lifestyle that promotes a healthy body, proper weight management and disease prevention. Our modern-day life”……”>>Read More<<

Quality Leadership in Schools

Quality Leadership in Schools Quality is continuous improvement. The Plan -> Do -> Check -> Act cycle is a fundamental component of pursuing quality in any organization. It can be useful for a building principal or any educational”……”>>Read More<<

Do You Think School Is Cool?

Do You Think School Is Cool? A stranger once asked me why did I go to school. And then I said confidently and without hesitation, "it was because it is in school where we can gain knowledge and it's my stepping stone to success, I guess." A”……”>>Read More<<