Breath of Life

greater peace, a calm, and an alertness that starts to spill over into your daily life.

Take time throughout your day for breath awareness – when stressed or rushed, stop, and see yourself breathing peace into your being, then breathing out stress. If feelings of discouragement or even despair are present, breathe in hope, then breathe out the painful feelings. As your practice becomes more solid, you may expand your scope to breathe in peace for yourself, then breathe out peace to the world around you. Consider starting and ending your day with this practice, and notice, over time, how this begins to change your life.

Margaret Sarkissian is a Certified Coach, Trainer/Facilitator, and Consultant. She has worked with over 200 managers helping them with a wide range of workplace issues, including human rights concerns. In addition she has developed and facilitated hundred of workshops addressing a variety of topics such as coaching and communication skills, respect in the workplace, appreciative living, strategic planning, strengths-based team development, and social justice issues including workplace diversity and inclusion.

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