Beauty of the Fall

Beauty of the Fall

The trees and foliage of fall as well as the wonderful earth tones are few beautiful things which hold a special fascination to most everyone.


The peak times to view these beautiful colors of fall vary, depending entirely on where you live. Knowing the approximate time when the colors will be at their best, allows you to plan your colorful field trip.


Northern Midwest/Great Lakes Region – The fall colors will peak in this region around the first week in October. This region includes the states of Wisconsin, northern Minnesota, the northern Michigan peninsula, and northern Michigan.


Northeastern United States – Normally the fall colors will reach their peak for most of this region early in October. New Jersey, Connecticut, Rhode Island, southern New York, and southern Massachusetts will peak in late October.


Southwestern U.S. – In the southwestern United States the fall colors will peak around the 15th of October. This region includes northern Arizona, New Mexico and southern Utah.


Pacific Northwest & California – Washington, Oregon, and northern California will generally peak in mid to late October. This includes Napa, Lake Tahoe and Yosemite National Park.


Midwestern United States – Iowa, Illinois, Indiana, southern Minnesota, Ohio, Pennsylvania and West Virginia will strut their best colors around mid October.


Southern United States – Kentucky, Tennessee, Virginia, and North Carolina will generally display their best colors in late October. For Northern Georgia, Alabama, Arkansas, Mississippi and South Carolina the peak will be in early November. Usually just before Thanksgiving.


Fall is a great time to plan a family road trip. Not only are the colorful trees and foliage a spectacular sight, there are many other great activities to enjoy.


Many communities throughout the United States host Corn Mazes, Haunted Houses, Hay Rides or other fun family activities. Take time this, and every year, to enjoy the wonders of the fall season.


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