Do You Think School Is Cool?

Do You Think School Is Cool?
A stranger once asked me why did I go to school. And then I said confidently and without hesitation, “it was because it is in school where we can gain knowledge and it’s my stepping stone to success, I guess.” As what my mother always told me, “Education! This is the only thing I can leave for you if I pass away in this world”. Oh, so heartbreaking! It was like I’m listening to a heart-warming old movie clip. It was everyone’s delusion to have a successful life especially in terms of financial aspect, of course, except for those lucky ones who got wealthier parents when they were born. After a while, I asked myself again with that nutty question in my mind. Then, I remembered my unforgettable years in school, each grounding year of education and recalled all the times I have with all of my teachers, my school subjects, the study and the play! I never really hated school.

But I have noticed some who really didn’t want to go to school. I also have had lost interest in going to school. Many of you must have unenthusiastically entered the gates of your school. But all of us know that this loathe never lasts long. We soon start embracing and loving school and we drown in tears when we need to say goodbye to our Alma mater. How ironic it was right? That is what makes school cool. Here are other reasons why school is really cool.

1.)Studies showed that over time, salaries increases as your degree increases. More time you spent in school for a higher degree, more dollars will come into your way.

2.)If you’re hoping to succeed in the field of entertainment, sports and business world. You better not to. Chances are slimmer than a single pencil. That’s a reality. Going to school is the better and wise option, then.

3.)There are no assurance in life, but someone who went to school until college degree will have more keys to open doors, for sure.

4.)We all know common sense is not common these days. If you line together a swing of people who are only bookish and those who are only wise, book smarts will survive. Fast money doesn’t last long. Being wise is not enough.

5.)If you go to school and are also a wise man, then you have the best of both worlds. The sky is the limit and you’ll be a force to be reckoned with. Sounds cool, right?

6.)If you go to school, your views on careers, family, relationships and finances are more thought out and planned carefully. You can adapt to any environment you are placed in.

7.)Going to school allow an individual to prosper and learn how to become an independent and self-reliant individual.

8.)Finally, the memorable experience you will gain from your classmates, teachers, and acquaintance can’t be found anywhere.

You asked, what is school is all about? It is all about building the core foundation of our education. It is a where we appreciate and understands why education is very important in one’s life! It is an institution, where kids change into literate and educated individuals who always wear Armour of wisdom and knowledge and ready to soar high in life. Now, would you believe that school is cool?

Thanks for reading this article by Jared Gardner and I hope you enjoyed! Jared Gardner is a freelance writer based in Boston, MA and writes many subjects of interest including the one you just read. You can read more of his writing at his website Grants for adults. Jared Gardner also writes about a ton of other stuff so don’t be surprised if you see him around often!

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