Obama Wants Moms Back in School – 5 Ways to Juggle School Life and Home Life

Obama Wants Moms Back in School – 5 Ways to Juggle School Life and Home Life

Struggling day in and day out to pay the bills and put food on the table is no way to live.  It is too stressful and can cause physical as well as emotional hardships.  That is why Obama wants moms back in school. 

However, anyone who has been to college knows that keeping your grades up to par can be very time consuming.  Add to that the responsibilities of being a parent and you may not feel you have the time to make your dreams come true, but maybe you do.  Here are five tips to help you juggle school life and home life.

Research online home study courses:  Did you know that you can receive an education at home on your computer?  This way you can study at the times that is most convenient for you.  You can even take tests online.  However, be sure that the online school is accredited and eligible to receive grant money from the government.
Contact your local college to find out about distant learning programs:  Even local colleges offer classes online.  You may find that you can take some of the classes now while your child is still home and too young to attend school and then finish up the courses when he or she goes to kindergarten.  You may still have to attend the school in person off and on to touch base, so do your research.
Ask for help from family and friends:  If you need someone to watch your child while you finish a project or attend a class, ask you family or friends ot help out.  Most of the time these people will say yes.  Remember, though, don’t take advantage of their kindness.  If you say you are working on school work, don’t go and hang out with friends.  If you do, you may not receive any help from these kind people in the future.
Be prepared for the tough times:  There may be times when you have an assignment or project due and it is also your child’s birthday or some other special occasion.  Be sure to plan for these types of instances.  Keep you eye on the big picture, which is having a better life once you finish school.
Make the most of your available time:  Every minute counts when you are learning.  Turn off the television and concentrate at the task at hand.  When you baby takes a nap or goes down at night, hit the books.  Again, keep your eye on the goal.  This time will pass and you will not be struggling forever.

In the end, your life is what you make of it.  If you want to earn more money, affording a better life for you and your children, then you have to get back to school or else face the stresses of always struggling to make ends meet.

Remember that time will always pass but can never be recaptured, so do all you can now so that you have it better in the future.  Don’t keep doing what you are doing and 10 years down the road be filled with regret.  Don’t delay.  Obama wants moms back in school, so make sure you find out what free grant money for moms is available to you.

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